Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hola chiquitas and chiquitos!
My name is Kimzie and I'm starting a fashion blog of random outfits and accessories that maybe you'll like too. =) I would prefer to post all about swimwear but I'll wait until I launch my own line.

but first, let's take a trip down memory lane...

2006 was the year where i wore skirts as dresses and belts kept them up
vintage floral skirt and suede belt

vintage skirt

floral prints help me pretend it's summer all year round.. my friends say i should retire my rainbow sandals but i'm not all about chic
vintage dress, boy scout hankerchief, rainbow sandals

2nd hand cowboy boots also became an obsession
top forever 21, skirt free people, boots second hand

my 2nd hand black boots, i'd like them in as many colors as possible

sea shell lesson
vintage skirt worn as dress

sequined vest to fit in at news year
vest love culture, tank loehmann's, belt vintage, mini skirt agaci

more about me.. go to myspace.com/kimzie

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