Monday, April 26, 2010

surf ache good ache

Was off yesterday and the surf was clean so me and Steph headed down to Galveston!
bikini top from a stand in Brazil, bottom Zingara Swimwear

We went exploring down some streets in Tiki Island to find a cute place to eat our sandwiches. We found a little pier and pulled into the parking lot. All I remember seeing was "Open" and "Welcome" signs. But Tiki Tom RV Park guy came by when we were leaving and yelled at us for trespassing. I mean yelled. No "hey guys" or anything, just mean man yelling at 2 girls for pulling in and out of his lot. Who knows if maybe we wanted to rent a space for our RV or something but noooooo.
Haha okay enough,
me and Steph don't like you Tiki Tom.
Top Aerie, bikini Victoria Secret, shorts vintage Levi's, sandals Havianas from Brazil

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Mama Birthday and Earth Day!

So I forgot my camera at home today on my day off with my roomie.
It was bound to be another day of adventure so I picked up a disposable for the first time in years!
Meaning pictures to come later after I develop it..

But until then here's a few of my outfits from the past weeks..
silk top and pleated shorts vintage, necklace souvenir from Vietnam

top thrifted, shorts Forever 21, sandals Just In (Harwin), bag vintage Moschino

Under the Volcano has a fun drink menu!

I seemed to have done striped tops and marbled shorts 2 days in a row.. woops..
blazer vintage, tank Loehmann's, shorts Just In (Harwin)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

crave johnny cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes is doing his suitcase tour and was stopping by Houston yesterday. His event was at Crave Cupcakes where my roomie happens to be the manager at.

Look! They put his logo on the cupcakes! =)

Bun B happened to be in the area as well!

Johnny Cupcakes has a huge following! There were guys waiting overnight for him. His stores look really awesome too! Check him out!

blazer vintage, top Zara, shorts Forever 21,
socks Target, boots Jessica Simpson

Sunday, April 11, 2010

lunch break

Across the street from my work is the Williams Water Wall.

top BCBG, blazer and hippo belt vintage, pleated pants Club Monaco, shoes Steve Madden.
If I didn't have to stand on my feet running in circles and up and down stairs, I would be one happy girl to wear my heels.
but i do heart sandals

After work I went with my bestfriend aka roomie
to go see Yeasayer at the Houes of Blues.
They were amazing.

lace crop top vintage, double finger ring and necklace from harwin (wholesale district in Houston), lace tights Forever 21, shoes Ebay (some Japanese store)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sprinkle some wildflower seeds!

You know.. One of those nights
where we don't really know where we're going..

Just a little fun with a couple of my besties =)