Monday, April 26, 2010

surf ache good ache

Was off yesterday and the surf was clean so me and Steph headed down to Galveston!
bikini top from a stand in Brazil, bottom Zingara Swimwear

We went exploring down some streets in Tiki Island to find a cute place to eat our sandwiches. We found a little pier and pulled into the parking lot. All I remember seeing was "Open" and "Welcome" signs. But Tiki Tom RV Park guy came by when we were leaving and yelled at us for trespassing. I mean yelled. No "hey guys" or anything, just mean man yelling at 2 girls for pulling in and out of his lot. Who knows if maybe we wanted to rent a space for our RV or something but noooooo.
Haha okay enough,
me and Steph don't like you Tiki Tom.
Top Aerie, bikini Victoria Secret, shorts vintage Levi's, sandals Havianas from Brazil


cute-adactyl said...

Boo to Tiki Tom. My parents just purchased another house at the end of Tiki Island! This summer you and Thy-Ann (before she leaves us) will have to show me how to surf in trade for margaritas and a sunset at my folk's new place.

Danielle Barbe said...

so cute!

Viv said...

lovely pictures! looks like you had fun :)

Steph said...

Yay! Minus Mean Tiki Tom it was a fun day! Many more to come this summa summa!