Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what's in your bag??

Sorry I'm behind on my posts! Today was a beautiful sunny day.
in my bag: suede bag vintage Ungaro, Pentax waterproof camera, Finding Nemo key, lotion, cucumber melon antibacterial, Finding Nemo ChapStick, Bee Friendly chapstick, True Shimmer ChapStick, Hello Flawless Benefit powder, Tide pen, wallet Hermes

Went to Ikea with my bestfriend/roomie to buy herself a bookshelf, then went to Oishi for happy hour, then H.E.B. for some red. Now here we are watching Alfred from Batman be Alfie in the classic version, while I'm blogging and Thy-Ann's building her bookshelf. Check out
lace top, skirt, belt, and boots vintage, bag Ungaro

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