Friday, June 4, 2010

Des Moines & Chicago

Sorry I haven't been up to date with my posts!
Was in Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago from May 15th-22nd.
Flying to Hong Kong this Tuesday til the 30th.
Then Hawaii July 4th-11th.
Can't wait!!

I get so happy when I find wild flowers! Especially purple ones!
top vintage

We visited the sculpture park in downtown Des Moines.
top Outfit Outlet, shorts Forever 21

top vintage, shorts Just In

We had a free day on Thursday so
we figured we should do a day trip to Chicago.
5 hour drive wasn't too bad.. We ate at Hot Doug's and Lou Malnalti's!
I didn't realize my top was inside out.. That's what happens when you're changing in the car in a dark garage.
shredded top vendor at Melrose Trading post, skirt vintage

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JVD said...

<3 the photos. miss you girlie.